Release Date: August 18, 2014
Length: Novella
Format: Ebook

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Cover and book design by Inkubus

Music entertains, but the music business is a power game. Steve’s connections make him a player—he can move an act to the top. So people do whatever he wants. But the rules of the game are changing and new players moving in. Steve is trying to adapt to the new game; Amber and her band are part of the new wave. They have different connections and as the balance of power shifts, she has her own plans for her band that don’t include him.


Amber was sprawled over her keyboards and felt them rock precariously as Greg drove his cock into her. The girl knelt on the floor and ran her tongue over Amber’s thighs sending even more delicious sensations through her. She saw that Adele was filming every bit of it too.

The girl on the floor grabbed Amber’s legs and moved her mouth to her pussy. Greg slipped his cock out and the girl began licking her furiously as he slid that huge tool to the tiny ring of Amber’s ass. As he forced it into her, the girl pushed her fingers into Amber’s pussy making her cry out. Greg’s prick stretched her ass and he took her hard. The double stimulation made her world swirl; she lost her bearings. The entire universe had condensed into her pussy and ass, and then she came, gasping and gushing juice on the girl’s face.