5 Best style of hair cropped close to the scalp

Buzzcut is the actual name of a style that is hair cropped and close to the scalp puzzle. it is the hardest puzzle for a barber.

Who Uses Buzzcut style?

Buzzcut hairstyle is most prominent in army recruits. it is most common among men but nowadays, ladies are also using this hairstyle as a part of fashion. Buzzcut hairstyle is a short hair all around. Razor or electric clippers are used to clip the hair close to the scalp.

Buzzcuts have various types that depend on the taste, head shape and preferences. There are almost 23 types of buzzcuts, but some are very popular because of its short hairstyle version. The length of hair also varies with the style of buzzcut you have chosen. This hairstyle suits everyone. Whether you have blonde hair or black, whether your face cut is round or oval, one of the types of buzzcut will definitely suit you. You just need to describe the barber properly about the haircut and type you want.

Types of buzzcut hairstyle:

1.The induction cut:

Style of hair cropped close to the scalp removes the guard completely with the help of clippers. his hairstyle is the shortest hairstyle among buzzcuts and commonly practices in army recruits.

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The Hair Evolution of One Direction’s Zayn Malik


2. The blur cut:

Blur Buzz cut is longer than the induction cut. In this cut, the barber usually clips the hair to the scalp with the help of gauge 1 and 2. This haircut makes you feel like sandpaper. People who have thick hair should go for this haircut.

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Euphoria Star Angus Cloud Got Cast in a Hit Show


3.The Butch cut:

This haircut, the barber uses gauge 3 and 4 in order to achieve the length. This type of buzzcut is longer than the other types of buzzcut.

Matthew Fox Short Haircut » Hairstyles for Men

Matthew Fox Short Haircut » Hairstyles for Men

  1. The fade cut:

style is less strict on the hair length. This type of buzzcut is more about style and execution. Sides are short in this cut that is done with zero guard or shave bald with a razor. Then the cut is faded upward towards the crown which gives it a uniform length.

High Fade Haircuts for Men

High Fade Haircuts for Men

  1. Crew cut:

Fade cuts are also considered as crew cuts. In crew cuts, blending is done on sides and extra fringe is given on top. With this, you can make a style or add a product and texture to your hair.

Crew Cut Hairstyle for men

Crew Cut Hairstyle for men

What are the pros of a buzzcut hairstyle?
  • Buzzcut hairstyle is easy to maintain. No gels or sprays are required to make the hairstyle maintained and in style.
  • This hairstyle can easily be clean and washed.
  • Buzzcut hairstyle is made for every face shape and every hair color. It suits everyone.
  • The procedure of a buzzcut hairstyle doesn’t require much money. It is quite cheap.
  • Buzzcut hairstyle is quite uniformed.
  • This cut dries much quicker and easy to handle.
Cons of buzzcut hairstyle:

People who have a problem with dry scalp and dandruff should not go with this haircut as this style of hair cropped is close to the scalp. It will lower your self-esteem.

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