A Complete Story Overview about Bryce Laspisa Case

Crime stories have become an overrated topic these days as most of the people of any age group go missing, some are killed, some are raped and some are kidnapped for ransom. A young boy Bryce Laspisa from California’s Castaic Lake disappeared, on one sunny day. About six years ago it was the month of August when he went missing from the lake and his blood was spread on his wrecked car. People started assuming that he hid himself for a year from due to his breakup with his girlfriend. Even his parents received some disturbing texts from his friends.

  • An alarming situation for family:

Bryce laspisa mother  used internet media in order to get back her lost son but the what can be more heart wrenching for a mother than not finding any clue for finding her son. She went in search of her son carrying board written “My Son is missing”. In an interview she said she and her husband begged every person who knew their son to check the every place where he was last seen. Be it requesting people of tire shop or repair shop they investigated everywhere but they failed to find their nineteen year old son.

The Facebook page “Find Lost boy- Bryce Laspisa” dragged the attention of a thousand of people. These people visited Bryce Laspisa timeline, where they observed the sudden change in his attitude and style of content he used to post. After watching the destroyed car and blood of her son she insisted police to check if the lost boy is in the lake but there were no signs his presence there too.

  • The young man’s girlfriend explained Bryce Laspisa psychic condition by admitting that he was going through Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and he used to take proper medication for that.
  • Rumors of his appearance:

In recent years most of the people have posted on Internet that the young man was sighted in 2018 and this rumor made Bryce Laspisa sighting 2018, the most used hashtag on twitter. His mother confirms that this was not but just a rumor which spread like fire on social media. There has been no sightings of Bryce since the day he was lost but still Bryce Laspisa 2018 update was the main topic of research for many people and sheriff of America.

  • More about incident:

Bryce planned to visit his parents in California on August 30th, 2013. The seven hour journey became a life time wait for his parents when he never arrived home. Bryce Laspisa podcast showcases the strange behavioral changes since the end of August 2013.His friends say it might be because of the sudden breakup which caused a great emotional stress in his life.

  • Bryce laspisa 2019 update is still searched question on internet today as continuous search for the young lost boy is going on, even after the six years of his disappearance.

Bryce’s is so lucky in regard that his parents are still hopeful that they might find their son one day. Bryce Laspisa documentary was made and posted online in order to drag attention of people which can prove helpful in finding the young boy.


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