Complete Biography of Nichol Kessinger and her relation with Chris Watts

Any controversial statement can make a person so popular that he becomes the most searched topic on internet. Nichol Kissinger, the well-known geologist of present times, became the part of limelight when her boyfriend was stuck in a murder controversy of his pregnant wife and two daughters. But it proved real as Nichol was the eye witness of this terrible scene. Chris Watts confessed that he killed his wife and hid her body in a large oil container. After his confession he was sentenced to the life prison.

Kissinger ties Knot with Famous geologist:

Nichol Kissinger today is happily married with Jim Gutoski and he too is a geologist which makes their bond stronger. Many claims are been made by Anna who sometimes visits the prisoner Watts, and she says that he loved his wife a lot he might be drunk the night on which the incident happened while Watts still claims that he loves Nichole.

Eye witness to the murder:

According to Nicole Kissinger interview statements she had no idea about grumpy nature of Watts at first. She said “he used to talk very politely and he was amidst of his divorce proceedings when he and I started dating”. In fact she was very shocked to know about the arrest of her boyfriend but she never denied the news that he killed his wife because it all happened in front of her.

Nichol Kessinger and relationship with Chris Watts

Nichol Kessinger and relationship with Chris Watts

  • She participated in every inquiry process and responded to all the investigational proceedings by police. She also described her love relationship by telling the Police that she met Chris through a petroleum contractor where she used to work. Nichole Kissinger now revealed a fact that she never got a chance to interact or meet with any of her boyfriend’s friend or family.
  • None of the Nichole Kissinger update is found positive on social media as she is considered the most hated lady of America. Her name fits in most of the negative roles which is why most of the people don’t really appreciate this woman.

No role in Murder:

Apart from keeping hate feelings for her people still want to know more about her. The news of murder spread like a boom and people started to search for Watts and Nichole. According to a magazine Nichol Kissinger where is she now was the most searched topic for some days. People were keen to know if she had some role in the killing of Shanann but she was proved innocent later.

  • She always admit that she was committed to a married man but she makes it clear that she had nothing to do with murder. Nichole Kissinger reddit account indicates that she shared a very close and romantic space with Chris. She had put into words the entire love experience with Watts with proving the fact she had no negative play in this tragedy.
  • Instead of searching for Nichole Kissinger age people try to get more facts from the records available on social sites. As according to her she was only the witness but the text records which are under police custody shows that she was very looking for her wedding gown just after the murder.
  • Nichole Kissinger birthday added more spice to the scene as she celebrated it with her boyfriend whereas in response to this Shanann said she’s happy for her daughter.

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