How Ella freed diabetes

Ella’s normal life came to a halt with the devastating news that she had type-2 diabetes. She knew the risks of unhealthy consumption of sugar in adulthood but never considered the possibility of herself falling victim to the ailment that would restrict much of her luxuries at this stage in life. She had however, a strong will and determination to fight off the disease, and with that, she succeeded.

How did Ella free herself of diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes but is also the easiest to fight off. You fall victim to this when your pancreatic cells are unable to produce sufficient insulin to store the excess glucose as glycogen. Since it is a decline in efficiency of pancreatic cells that causes the problem, and not a more serious defect or inability of insulin production, it can be treated with just some extra care and attention. Here is what Ella did:

  1. She improved her diet

Just like people with type-2 diabetes are recommended to, Ella managed a healthy diet which included a greater consumption of fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, whole grain, lean meats and low fat or fat-free dairy products.

It is also necessary to reduce starch and glucose intake because these put extra pressure on cells to produce insulin to store excess glucose when they are already unable to perform this function efficiently. At the same time, she had been recommended to reduce fast-food intake because they contain Trans fats, refined carbohydrate, and plenty of sodium that is particularly unhealthy for people withtype-2 diabetes.

  1. She lost belly fat

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Reducing just 10 to 15 pounds can lower glucose levels and this helps in treating diabetes. By regulating her fat intake, Ella managed to lose just enough weight that it aided in her recovery. Abdominal fat is the main contributor to type-2 diabetes because belly fat increases insulin resistance and this is the heart of the problem in case of diabetes.

  1. She followed a regular exercise plan

Another aspect of Ella’s routine that helped speed her recovery was the regular exercise plan that she strictly followed. Research has proven that physical activity and consequent muscle contractions push glucose into your cells and this helps regulate blood glucose levels. High intensity workout that Ella opted for was more effective than regular, less strenuous exercise like aerobics would have been.

  1. She reduced stress

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Alongside all these direct attempts to control her diabetes, Ella was also recommended to manage her stress levels. Stress makes it harder for the body to control blood sugar levels because adrenaline secretion caused by stress raises blood glucose. Stress relief will also simultaneously improve sleep and this is helpful because sleep disturbances worsen type-2 diabetes. Thus, a careful attempt at reducing stress along with diet and exercise management, Ella was able to fight off her diabetes.

There is no problem that does not have a solution. If you give the right amount of care and attention to the needs of your body, not only can you prevent diseases, but can also cure them. Like Ella, you can also fight off your diabetes with just a little extra effort.

Updated: October 16, 2019 — 1:30 pm

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