How Old Do You Have To Be To Drink in Canada in 2020

Drinking has always been considered illegal for teenagers. The reason is how to control you. Teenagers are full of energetic people that when consuming alcohol etc doubles their energy which can result in bad results.

So to solve this problem, there have been set some rules. Following these rules will benefit you for sure. When it comes to Canada, Canada has set rules according to their locations in different cities. In some cities like Alberta or Manitoba, the legal age of drinking is 18.

While in other cities the age varies from a slight number. They determine their legal age.

Excess of everything is bad

Yeah, you heard it right! When you reach the age of 18 or 19 you are not mature enough to decide for yourself and start drinking right away.

Canada has been observed to have severe health issues due to the increased number of legal age youngsters, which has caused alarming changes.

That’s why they have quit drinking, not all of them but studies have shown that a large number of Canadians are quitting this habit which will lead to better results in the future.

Canadian law

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According to law, at the age of 18, you can buy and drink alcohol. This age can be increased to one number in other cities in Canada. As we all know that minimal age is dangerous for having alcohol.

It has been reported that out of most of the mishaps while driving a car or motorcycle accidents are teenagers who have started drinking alcohol as they have reached their mature age of having alcohol, the age of 18.

This is insane because these death rates indicate that the law for drinking or buying alcohol at age 18 should be considered an immature age.

Higher the prices

When the price of something you love increases, you would think twice before buying it and eventually when you wouldn’t be able to afford it you will quit buying it. This movement was started in Canada where the production was encouraged but due to high rates, it lowered the consumption.

To lower the consumption of alcohol, it has been introduced in Canada to increase the rates of alcoholic beverages which will discourage young people to buy expensive drinks.

When there will be no source to buy, how will they afford it, after all, they are teenagers at the age of 18, they will surely think before going after any expensive beverage.

Visitors in Canada

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Visitors in Canada can indeed bring alcohol while visiting this country. And another amazing thing about this fact is that it is tax-free but as long as you come under the legal age of having alcohol in Canada.

But larger quantities are discouraged and are not tax-free. If Canadians are going out of the country like visiting the USA, the exception depends on how long have you stayed out of the country.

Having alcohol at your maturity is better than having it in your teenage and getting hurt by any means after all it’s for your safety. Cheers!!.

Updated: April 29, 2020 — 10:21 am

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