How to become Tiktok celebrity- An ultimate guide

As on all contemporary social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter), an index of its success is the number of followers (people who follow our content). Still, few are those who have become “influencers” on Tiktok, but this is also taking over this social network. Most of the influencers buy Tiktok views and followers from this link to get the most out of this platform. Increasing the number of people who follow us is not easy, but here is a series of tips on how to become a social media celebrity on Tiktok. Meanwhile here are the top 5 websites which are highly recommended to buy followers Instantly.

How to become a celebrity on TikTok

Better a few posts but good

Try not to be repetitive, always make new and funny videos, and people will not stop following you, and rather encourage their friends to do it in turn. If every day you post dozens of videos, all the same, sooner or later, your followers will bother to have you in the “Follow” section. Obviously, it is good to avoid falling even in the opposite excess; do not make very few videos; otherwise, no one will be able to notice you. The best thing is to keep the right balance between quality and quantity, taking care to always put the right commitment on each video.

Technique is important

The technical side is not fundamental, but it is quite important. A video also with a very funny but badly taken concept will not be pleasant to watch, nor will it attract new users who want to follow you and see others. So make sure that your video has the right brightness, that it is not blurry and/or grainy.

Music is a central point.

Although has become TikTok, the latter always remains socially strongly based on music. So, to capture the audience, you have to focus on a consistent choice of songs that users like (which you remember are mostly millennials). All the songs on the platform can be used to create your videos without licensing problems; the situation is different for the songs that are not present. If you use them, perhaps shooting a video during playback, you can risk a report from the rights owners.


Engage your audience

TikTok is a large community, and as such, the involvement of its audience is perhaps even more important than other similar social realities such as Instagram and Snapchat.

This is why #challenge is so widespread; they allow everyone to feel united and involved in a simple way. In the videos, it is good to also insert hashtags relating to the topic of the video being published; in this way, those interested in the topic will be able to find you more easily.

Live shows are popular.

The live shows are currently available only for users who have more than 1000 followers. If you have them, doing some ‘live’ is an excellent tool to improve the involvement of your audience and the confidence with them. Many followers keep the notifications active so as not to miss the live shows and the opportunity to directly meet their favorite “musers.”

Check the statistics

It would seem trivial, but Tiktok’s statistics are really complete. Just click on each of the videos you have posted to see how your audience has reacted, so you can understand what the contents that appeal the most among your followers are and how to increase engagement.



Updated: July 4, 2021 — 5:09 am