How to Drain Eustachian Tube Massage? 

The eustachian tube is a tube present in ears. It connects with middle ears and reaches to back of the throat. The purpose of this tube is to drain the fluid of the ears. They also maintain air pressure in the ears at its right level. When you yawn, the opening of the tube opens to let air in.

This keeps the pressure of air equal in middle ears and outside the ears. But sometimes, fluid or undesirable pressure gets jam in the middle ear and the pressure outside the ear increases. This causes pain in ear and you feel trouble in hearing.

Causes of blocked Eustachian tubes:

Blockage in eustachian tubes usually happens because of the cold, sinus infection or due to allergies. These infections or allergies also lead to a change in pressure. The fluid then gets collected in the middle ear. This pressure and fluid causes pain. This pain or change in pressure can also be due to flying in an airplane, hiking, or scuba diving. This fluid causes the infection in an ear. Children have a short eustachian tube as compared to adults and therefore it gets easily infected due to the blockage of the eustachian tube.

What are the symptoms of blocked eustachian tubes?

Several symptoms appear when you have block eustachian tube such as:

  • You feel like that your ears are full and also painful.
  • Annoying ringing or popping noises.
  • You feel difficulty in hearing.
  • Feeling of dizziness.

What is the Role of Eustachian Tube?

The major role of the eustachian tube involves:

  • It protects the inner ear from the secretions of nasal.
  • It balances the pressure of air in the middle ear by maintaining the air pressure equally inside and outside the body.
  • The tube also drains the secretions of the middle ear in an area between the nasal cavity and upper throat.


The symptoms of blocked eustachian should be treated with antibiotics or decongestants. The best approach is to use natural medicines or a eustachian tube massage (ETM). It gives you relief from pain and also reduces the pressure of air by promoting the release of fluid from the tube.

Eustachian tube massage:

Drainage of eustachian tube massage is a very thing to do which you can perform by yourself.

First Step:

First of all, wash your hands. Put your middle/index finger on behind the ear to feel the lobe for a bony bump. Apply the pressure firmly and steadily down your finger unless and until it slips into a groove which is between the lobe and jaw.

Second Step:

With the help of fingers, follow that groove down the neck and with the same steady pressure sliding down till you reach the collar bone.

Third Step:

Tilt the head to the shoulder that is opposite to the infected ear. It is quite helpful for both children and adults. For example, if the eustachian tube massage is performed on the left ear then you need to tilt your head to the right side.

Last Step:

Apply this massage three to four-time per day for a better result.

Updated: May 17, 2020 — 11:52 am

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