How To Get Disney Internship in UK


It is most people’s dream to get a Disney internship. In the UK, people are more inclined towards this field. If you want to be part of this team, you need to submit an application. In this regard, here are the requirements you need to complete to gain Disney Internship UK.

  • The student must be a part of any institute like college or university and have a semester going on or must be about to graduate within a year.
  • If there is any student who still has to graduate from the college and has a double enrollment with it cannot meet the eligibility criteria.
  • If the student has opted for some of the courses from the Institute but is not regular and is taking a break from the course cannot apply for the internship.
  • If students want to take part in an internship during their second semester then they have to apply for it in the first semester.
  • Graduated students are more than welcome to apply for the internship but keep in mind that the program is specifically designed for undergraduate students and has such components related to education that can be helpful to them.
  • If you are applicable meet the requirements for the school.

Disney Internship in UK

Some of the additional requirements are needed for the students related to their school which will help them get this internship. The eligibility criteria is a demand by the school which requires a good GPA. in order to take part in the internship the advisors from the academic coordinator are highly recommended.

  • You must be of 18 years to be a part of the program.
  • You must have a free authority to work.
  • The students are not able to go back to continue their course for at least 4 months before once they become a part of the internship’s team.
  • The students whose interest falls in WDW are requested not to apply for the post. Before you leave, you will receive an email to have a good interaction related to the program.
  • There are some guidelines about the transfer that you must follow accurately to be a part of the team


The internship of the Disney college program is paid. It depends on the duties of the participant whether or not they are required to work indoors or outdoors. They are paid according to an hour. If the offer is extended, the participants are notified.

Participation Fee

If the participant agrees to be a part of the program, they have to pay $390 to start their work as a registration fee. It is paid once as a single payment with a credit card.

How To Get Disney Internship in UK

Grade Requirement

  • You must have a GPA of 2.0 when you leave for your internship in the UK. In fact, even 1.999 is not acceptable.
  • You must pass two academic courses before participating in the course. Have a C or even a much better grade.
  • The biggest employer is Disney who gets a large number of applications and only 20% are accepted.

Getting into the program is not easy but be proud and confident to at least be a volunteer for trying to avail of this opportunity.

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