Is mike’s hard lemonade gluten free?

Hard lemonade is an alcoholic beverage supplied by many providers around the globe. Mike’s hard lemonade co. was founded in 1999 by Mark Anthony Group. It is a malt beverage supplier based in Chicago.

Mike’s offers hard lemonade in a range of packaging; bottles, cans, 6-packs and multi-packs. Mike’s recently declared that its hard lemonade is gluten-free.

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What is gluten and why is it bad for some people?

Gluten is a component found in many food products, that gives dough elasticity. It is responsible for the shape and texture of grain products and bread. Gluten can be unhealthy and even seriously harmful for people suffering from celiac disease. Gluten-free products are thus available readily in the market.

Some are naturally gluten-free while others are processed to remove gluten. Gluten-free products, according to the FDA, must contain no more than 20 parts per milligram of gluten.

Is mike’s hard lemonade really gluten-free?

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Mike’s hard lemonade co. labeled its hard lemonade as ‘crafted to remove gluten’. Mike’s claims that its products are specially crafted to use natural ingredients, with unique and thorough filtration processes which naturally remove gluten.

This label, they claim, is meant to better educate the consumers so that they have a range of choices available to them when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

Thorough and regular checks ensure that mike’s hard lemonade is indeed removed of gluten. All of mike’s products are tested to ensure that they contain no more than 5 parts of gluten per milligram.

This measuring is done by R5 Competitive ELISA test, a standardized measure for gluten-free testing.

How do mike’s hard lemonade beverages differ from other ‘gluten free’ alcoholic beverages?

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Some alcoholic beverages that claim the gluten free status can do so because they ferment non-gluten containing grains, like sorghum. Mike’s beverages on the other hand use grains that contain gluten, like barley.

They remove the gluten by filtration. Therefore, they do not claim a gluten free status, but use the ‘crafted to remove gluten’ seal instead. Mike’s uses rigorous filtration processes that naturally remove gluten from their products

Should celiac patients consume mike’s hard lemonade?

Mike’s hard lemonade co. does not advise consumers to consume their hard lemonade without medical advice of their doctors if they suffer from celiac disease.

This is because mike’s hard lemonade may contain traces of gluten that can be harmful for patients with severe case of celiac disease.

Their products are filtered thoroughly but because they are manufactured from barley, which contains gluten, products might still contain traces of gluten despite being crafted to remove gluten.

In conclusion, although mike’s uses methodologies to remove gluten, they might still contain gluten. Therefore, although they do use the ‘crafted to remove gluten’ seal, they also provide the disclaimer that it may still contain traces.

While they can claim to craft to remove gluten, they do not declare a 100% gluten free status for their hard lemonade. Celiac disease patients are recommended to consult their doctors before use of such alcoholic beverages that might contain gluten.

Updated: October 16, 2019 — 1:30 pm

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