Latest about Michael Wray and his Hell’s Kitchen Story

Michael Wray was the first-ever chef to win the cooking contest of Hell’s kitchen. This success paved the way for incoming future success in his life as he was offered to open a restaurant of his own.

He was also given with the opportunity to go London as a trainee for training young chefs with Gordon. But instead of availing all the bright opportunities, he decided to take the winning amount at Hell’s Kitchen. Michael wray daughter have a prominent role in a major turn of his cooking career as he was addicted to drugs after her death. It made him and his family suffer a lot.

Working experience at the show:

27 year old chef most humble chef who used to help other workers in team in the time of need, at Hell’s kitchen. Michael Wray age is just a number as compared to his kind personality. He was one of the most active, manipulative and a man with strategic mindset on the show. He used right strategies on right time which made his way to the winner award.

Michael Wray chef 2019 is what comes to suggestions by Google when someone even type chef. They can easily find his name right on the top list which showcase the names of the best chefs from all over the world.

Tragic fall in his career:

Michael Wray faced two of the biggest tragedies in his life, one after another. His happily married life ended to the split of both husband and wife. Soon after the divorce he got the news that his first baby girl died after few months of birth. Michael Wray daughter death was indeed a very disappointing and disturbing fact to handle for both parents, especially for Michael as he went into complete depression and started taking drugs. The complete cutoff from his work made him suffer a lot.

Michael Wray wife Lola decided to part her way from him while she was pregnant. This effected Michael as he didn’t really wanted this to happen. Later Michael was married to Sharlene Wray two years ago.

Michael Wray Today:

After going through the tough phase of his life, he still managed to get back to his normal life. He succeeded in putting himself together after recovering from state of sorrow and drug addiction. Michael Wray net worth today is estimated to be $4,966 which is earned by his campaign of getting a food truck. His aims and ambitions were indeed higher than this but the tragic turn in his life effected his career most. Yet he managed to buy a food truck which is a positive sign showing he still pursues to work on his field.

Trending on Social Media:

Michael is promoting his cooking skills via uploading photos of his dishes on social media. Michael Wray Instagram is full of videos and pictures with mouthwatering dishes and recipes. It proves the passion he have for cooking. Other than that he also shares his personal photos including photos of his family and wife which means he is a fully recovered and happy person now.


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