How to Clear Autofill on Samsung Galaxy s8

Making your life easy by simplifying things that can make you save your time. People want quick results in everything nowadays. For example from turning on prediction settings in your phone or to autofill the data.

Androids have made man life so easy that now even typing a full word on our own seems hectic to us. Time is all about technology and how it has impacted our lives with one of the applications of autofill. It is used to save our passwords or even our addresses to be easily filled when accessing any site in Google.

What is autofill?

Autofill is an application that allows you to restore your data when you have saved it in the autofill program. You have to allow the settings and start using the service of autofill. To use this service it requires android permission. If you are a person who forgets his passwords or ids then autofill is designed specifically for you!

Usage of autofill

It runs on a workflow provided by its user. All the structure is represented which is created on the user screen. When you enter an autofill like if you want to save a password and id on the specific application you add the autofill for that system. When you enter that application automatically your saved autofill information fills up with no time wasted. This also saves you from forgetting you’re pieces of information.

How to delete autofill passwords

You don’t use one id for a lifetime and you keep on changing or upgrading. So now once you have entered your Password and id into an autofill, how to delete it now it’s simple all you have to do is go to Google chrome app on your phone, tap on the three dots on top right of your mobile screen, select Settings and select save passwords, click on the website’s password you want to delete, pop up will appear and select delete and voila you are done!

Last password

You have got your new Samsung phone and you want to use your old applications to sign up. It will show you the Samsung password option will appear but sometimes the option does not appear. And you don’t remember your id and password. For the save side you have saved it in your Google chrome which will help you fix it in this situation. Go to settings and search for autofill service. Tap on that and you will see Samsung defaults your passwords to autofill Samsung Passwords. You can also change it back to Google and use Google locks.

Android keyboards

Talking about passwords and websites, the most useful Android keyboard is the prediction settings. Like your passwords and all, you can fill up your half words just by giving a little hint. Google keyboard is a standard Android keyboard. This has all the smart features. Go to setting apps, there is the keyboard setting option. Tap on it and enter the language and input item. There is also a short cut key by the sign if tick mark which is the direct setting to turn on prediction setting.


Updated: October 16, 2019 — 1:30 pm

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