Ways to log in to the TikTok app

The TikTok app, introduced in China in 2016, has become very popular all over the world. Here you can not only chat with friends, download and watch videos, but also shoot your own videos. Initially, the app was created for mobile devices, but now you can enter TikTok through a computer. How to do it, right?


Where to look and how to install

Before you go to TikTok, you need to download it. Those who use an iPhone or Android phone will find programs in the Play Market or the App Store. To do this, a name is hammered into the store’s search line, and one of the options on the proposed list is selected. After clicking on the “Install” button, the download will begin. Then proceed to the registration procedure, which will help you to enter TikTok.


TikTok Installation

To get your TikTok account, you need to use: phone number, email address, or work profile of other social networks.

When thinking up a password, you need to remember that it should not repeat the date of birth, email, etc. It is advisable to choose a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Entering TikTok from a computer is also possible only after installing it on a PC or laptop and completing registration. To download the application, use any emulator program, for example – BlueStacks.

But you should make sure that the device meets certain requirements:

  • OS is installed not lower than Windows 7;
  • the presence of free RAM more than 2 GB;
  • the empty space of the hard claim exceeds 5GB;
  • the computer has current video cards and the necessary drivers;
  • The user has administrator rights.

You can’t enter TikTok without downloading it. At the moment, specialists are working to create a full-fledged online application, but so far, there is no such possibility.

Therefore, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Download the emulator to your computer via Torrent on the official website on the Internet.
  • Install the downloaded program, after which it will open on its own. 2 icons will appear on the screen. Apps – to switch to applications on the virtual device. Start BlueStacks launches service.
  • Once opened, select the “Search” icon, where to enter TikTok. Next – Continue.
  • Write personal data (Google mail and password from it).
  • Re-enter the requested information.
  • Click on the “Let’s Go” button; enter the name of the service again.
  • Click on the icon to start downloading and installing the application.
  • In the opened TikTok, choose one of the registration options.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Log in to TikTok online on your computer.


There are several ways to get into the application. Consider all options.

In smartphone

Register at TikTok

Accessing a page from any mobile device is easy by entering the data specified during account registration: phone number, email address, or one of the Internet profiles.

In tablet

You can access TikTok on a PC online on an organizer or in the same way as on a smartphone. In the window that appears, enter the information specified during authorization: mobile number, email address, or page of one of the social networks.

Via PC

In TikTok, access to a computer without downloading is also impossible. Therefore, you cannot do without installing the emulator. You need to open Music Lu by entering the above data.

After that, a window with the program opens, where you can view videos of all users, rate them, exchange messages, and perform other actions. To log in again, apply the Start Emulator shortcut on the desktop. Other emulator programs function in a similar way. First, they are downloaded through a browser to a computer and run. So it’s time to enjoy watching videos, chatting with friends and uploading your videos. In case of getting more followers for your account, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followers. Happy TikToking!

Updated: January 12, 2021 — 7:08 am