When to publish on Instagram? Five methods to find out

This is the question that many Community Managers ask themselves on the social network. In fact, choosing the right times when you post your posts has a strong impact on performance in terms of visibility and engagement. So how do you know when to post your content on Instagram?

Throughout this article, we will give you all the information you need to accurately determine when to publish on Instagram and how to get more Instagram followers, with easy-to-access tools and providing us with highly qualified data. As soon as you know the right hours and days of post for your Instagram account, you will have the possibility of scheduling your messages.

1) Use Instagram statistics to know when to publish on Instagram

It is compulsory that switch to the business profile. This integrates an analytical tool that allows you to know the hours of the presence of your audience.

Click on the small icon symbolizing a histogram:

Then, in the “followers” section, select “See more”:

Go to the bottom of the page, in the “followers” box. You will have two very interesting graphics.

  • Days

This graph shows you the days of the week when your followers connect the most.

  • The schedules

Then go to the “Schedules” link to find out the time slots during which your followers see their Instagram feed.

2) Use an external tool

Iconosquare offers you an in-depth analysis of your Instagram account, likes on posts, frequency of posts, best followers, etc.

It also has a section dedicated to the hours of the presence of followers.

Another tool offers this type of statistics i.e., OnlyPult. Known for its post planning function, it also analyzes the activity of your followers to give you the best post time slots.

3) Test the schedules proposed by the Latergramme study

Conducted by the Huffington Post, a Latergramme study on the best times to post on Instagram made a big splash. To reach relevant results, the tool analyzed 61,000 posts.

The result is rather surprising since the study reveals that the best time slots are around 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. Among the best days, Latergramme notes that engagement is stronger on Wednesday, Thursday, and Tuesday.

4) Use a planning tool

When you have a first idea of ​​the hours and days of your audience’s connection, plan your posts, especially when your followers connect after your opening hours or during the weekend. Even if the time slots correspond to your working hours, planning your social media strategy will allow you to focus on other tasks. In addition, you are sure never to miss the meeting!

To do this, several tools exist on the market. If you are already using the Hootsuite and Buffer platforms, be aware that it is now possible to configure an Instagram account to schedule posts there. Otherwise, you also have the tools mentioned above, OnlyPult and Iconosquare. For very accessible packages, they offer you the possibility of uploading your photos or videos, applying a filter, and scheduling your editorial calendar in a few clicks.


It is difficult to define the “good” or “bad” schedules for posting on Instagram. It depends on many parameters, including the profile of your community. In this article, we suggest ways to find the ideal moment.

However, you will need to regularly connect to analytical tools to assess the impact of your posts. Due to regular analysis, you will know the presence of your audience to guarantee the success of each post.


Updated: June 26, 2020 — 10:03 am