Which Statement About American Physical Fitness Best Reflects Current Negative Fitness Attitudes?

Physical fitness:

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The state of health and well being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, daily activities and occupations is called physical activity. It is achieved through proper diet intake and nutrition, moderate exercise and sleep that is sufficient for one’s body.

Fitness, however, strictly speaking is a condition of being physically fit. Before industrial revolution people considered fitness as one’s ability to do an amount of work with out undue fatigue, but now in changes in lifestyle physical fitness is actually a measure of the body’s capacity to perform work in leisure times, to be healthy and to resist illness.

American physical fitness:

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The department of Health and Human Services  issued the federal government’s first-ever Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans to help them understand how much and what type of physical activity is important for health. Some aspects include discussion of :

  • Health benefits that are related to brain health, cancer sites.
  • Benefits for how people sleep ,feel and function.
  • Risks of sedentary behavior and their relationship with physical activity.

Negative fitness attitude:

Although attitudes , generally have received attention in pediatric literature, negative attitude towards physical activity can be taken as beliefs that exercise in some way is unpleasant (e.g. it is painful)or it is too time consuming. Negative attitude is not only the presence of such beliefs or the absence of opposite attitude ( i.e. positive attitude) in fact it has many other effects on pediatric activity levels. Research suggest the reliability of negative attitudes and also proves that negative attitude is a strong predictor of physical fitness than the positive one and can be an important orchestrated attempt to increase physical activity among children and adolescents.

The statement about American physical fitness that best reflects current negative fitness attitudes is that one -third of adolescents in high school do not engage in regular physical activity.

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Physical fitness will only be achieved if we will make efforts to change the habits of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle means a routine that involves less vigorous activity and more rest like doing work or anything else with out making your body move enough for that e.g. working on computer , even playing games sitting comfortably and much more. All these behaviors are leading our new generation towards poor physically fit one that are not active and are so dull and prefer to work or perform in their own comfort zones.

Research has proved that children with such a lifestyle are at risk of developing heart diseases and other chronic disorders.

Their life expectancy also reduces with increasing difficulties in living a normal life in turn leading them towards living a lower quality life. School going kids do not prefer to take part in sports or other activities only because of their sedentary and luxurious lifestyles, that they have happily adopted. T

his negative attitude of adolescents towards physical activity is very harmful , they must get rid of this and start engaging themselves in exercising . Exercise is not something that can be done for an hour or a week or a day , it should be incorporated in  one’s life.

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