Why Is There a Growing Concern Over The Physical Fitness of Children and Adolescents?

Physical fitness:

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The state of health and well being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, daily activities and occupations is called physical activity.

It is achieved through proper diet intake and nutrition, moderate exercise and sleep that is sufficient for one’s body. Fitness, however, strictly speaking is a condition of being physically fit.

Before industrial revolution people considered fitness as one’s ability to do an amount of work with out undue fatigue, but now in changes in lifestyle physical fitness is actually a measure of the body’s capacity to perform work in leisure times, to be healthy and to resist illness.

Physical fitness of children and adolescents:

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For children and adolescents to grow up healthy, it is important to take proper nutrition and exercise daily. By keeping a good lifestyle a child or a teen can stay healthy and happy it’s whole life.

As the famous quotation says “Health is wealth”. To stay active he should engage in daily routine and make exercise a habit.

If he will develop a good life style  then this will help him develop good body weight ,height, healthy lungs and heart and ability to perform well in school as well.

Growing concerns over the physical fitness:

The growing concern of physical fitness is because of two reasons and they are:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition are leading children and adolescents to greater occurrence of obesity. Sedentary behavior is the one in which more time is spent sitting either working on the computer, playing video games or watching cartoons. Children should spent less time on these activities and should participate in sports and other activities that will keep them  active.

There is a growing concern over the physical fitness of children because they prefer to stay at rest even in their fun time, due to which they are becoming obese.

As far as teens are concerned instead of adopting an active lifestyle they are falling towards drug abuse, smoking, internet safety, not enough opportunity for physical activity and stress.

Obesity is a major problem worldwide nowadays. In the previous 25 years the rate of childhood obesity is tripled , increasing the risk of these children more likely to suffer from diabetes and heart diseases. According to a report from Academic pediatrics : Overweight and obese children are also likely to experience an increased risk of contracting several disorders and a reduction in life expectancy in turn a lowered quality of life.

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Drug abuse is a serious problem among our new generation teens. According to research only 10 percent of teens that need help from their abuse come for their treatment.

Latest Research

A research done on their treatment shows that those who require substance abuse treatment , they also require to be checked by another mental health doctor because they also suffer from anxiety, depression or trauma.

To save our children and adolescents from such a destructive life , this is our duty to free them from a sedentary and luxurious lifestyle and engage them in sports and healthy activities, along with good nutrition.

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