YouTube comments and Likes are more important than ever, here is why

YouTube likes and comments are important because it determines the views for your videos and growth for your channel. Videos with an increased number of likes and comments will definitely be viewed more by audiences. More comments will affect the ranking of the video and it will appear more on people’s home page. Increased likes and comments ultimately enhances engagement which is the top priority of YouTube. It wants people to create videos that compel audience to engage with it. YouTube likes demonstrate that people are actually liking the content you post and they want to see more of it. On the other hand, YouTube comments show that people have enjoyed watching your video. It is the best way of engagement from your subscribers.

YouTube likes

YouTube likes is an important factor for the video creators. It is a form of appreciation they get from their followers in reward for the content they create. One may think maintaining a YouTube channel and making videos is easy, but it is not. It requires a lot of effort to come up with new ideas and work on it in ways that your audience doesn’t get bored. It is difficult to make content that is unique.

Why YouTube likes are important?

The number of likes on a video is one important factor because it is a driving factor to attract people towards your video. Giving a like on video can simply motivate the person to keep up the good work. It is a way of showing love towards the efforts one has made to keep you entertained.

Why talk about others, let’s talk about our own selves. If we search for a video on YouTube, we find a couple of videos on a similar context. We are more likely to click on the video that has more views and likes. We also notice that videos with higher likes and views appear on top. This shows what role likes play in one’s YouTube career.

YouTube comments

Apart from likes, comments are also very important for content creators. It is a form of feedback from your audience. Comments on videos show that your subscribers are willing to engage with your content. It shows the extent to which your content has become popular.

Why YouTube comments are important?

Videos with increased number of comments show that you have done some really nice job in your video. On top of that, an increased number of comments can also help you gain new YouTube subscribers. However, comments should be positive which shows that audience are loving your work. People also get a lot of criticism, negative and hate comments on their videos which is so bad because no one is allowed to talk ill about someone’s effort. To get more comments on a video, people usually end their video with a question. Sometimes they ask for some suggestions from their viewers to get more comments. Asking viewers for their opinions can make them feel valued which is great for the growth of your YouTube channel.


Updated: August 23, 2020 — 5:07 am